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A new blog: Communique from Suburbia

November 11, 2015

suburbia_alert_webI have not been blogging here for well over a year. I do plan to pop up from time to time. But I have been working on another site – with a particular focus – with my partner in love, agitation and rage, Andrew.

Communique from Suburbia: It is a humble project that has come after many conversations about what we are involved in and what we are observing around us. That happens to be the suburbs of Western Sydney.

From our blog:

Communique from Suburbia is borne from a desire to stitch together the threads of rebellion that are emerging across Western Sydney. Through applying an interpretation of methodologies associated with workers inquiry, we work to share the stories and observations of struggle in territories that are largely not surveyed.

This blog is written by two people communicating from suburbia, attempting to bring analysis to what we are part of and observe around us. We write about people like us, for people like us. We will share stories of resistance and analysis of struggle, and welcome contributions to the same ends. Through circulating and generalising observations we wish to contribute to the pollination of struggles which prefigure a vibrant new world in the shell of the old.

You can read more here, Please do share, follow, reblog if you like what we are writing about, You can also find us in tweet-sized version @commsuburbia 

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