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A Leftist Conspiracy on Climate: Gerard Henderson & the Writers Festival

May 30, 2013

A friend just sent me this link to a post from Gerard Henderson a few weeks ago –  again he has taken a swipe at anything resembling a bastion of Leftist ideals, this time in the form of a Writers’ Festival. Everyone knows all literary types are (*gasp*) Communists or Socialists.

In this little missive he has a go at the panel on global warming that I was part of at the Sydney Writers’ Festival last week. It clearly presented him with an opportunity to point to it as further evidence of a Leftist conspiracy on the climate science and probably stood out for him because of Robert Manne’s involvement – an old friend who has come over to join us on the dark side.

To save you from having to visit Henderson’s blog (don’t one of the few remaining platforms he now has to have his little sulks about Robert Manne and the Left in general) I’ve copied the text below.

Judge for yourselves whether this is indeed a conspiracy and a waste of your taxes:


Due to unprecedented demand, MWD is repeating its analysis of the left-wing stack that is the 2013 Sydney Writers’ Festival – see here.

In a close contest, the session titled “Beyond Climate Denial on a Neoliberal Planet” has won Nancy’s award for The Most Daring Left Wing Stack.  All the more so because it features not one climate scientist or even one scientist or engineer.

Speakers are Robert Manne (the taxpayer subsidised academic who has called for the end of the coal industry in Australia), Antoinette Abboud (a leftist academic who teaches music, English and communications), Jeremy Walker (a left wing author who lectures in political economy) and Jeff Sparrow (a leftist academic who is into eco-catastrophe).

It should be a great occasion.  To give some of the political flavour, this is the somewhat confused poem which Jeff Sparrow quoted when Margaret Thatcher died:

Here, richly, with ridiculous display

The Politician’s corpse was laid away

While all of his acquaintances sneered and slanged

I wept: for I had longed to see him hanged.

This means that Dr Sparrow wanted Margaret Thatcher hanged.

And this is the poem from which Jeff Sparrow quoted when Saddam Hussein was executed:

Be assured, you will sink into the generous pool of public feeling

as gently as a leaf – accept your role, feel chosen

You are this evening’s headlines. Come, my love

This means that Dr Sparrow was a bit in love with Saddam Hussein and didn’t want him executed. But, then, Margaret Thatcher was a much detested neo-liberal of the kind who will be comprehensively bashed at the Sydney Writers’ Festival.

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  1. Tim Dymond permalink
    June 3, 2013 4:10 pm

    Hendo truly is the Zhdanov of the Australian Right.

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