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Beyond Climate Denial on a Neoliberal Planet

May 22, 2013

Well, excitedly I’ll be at the Sydney Writers Festival this year on a panel with Robert Manne & Jeremy Walker, chaired by Jeff Sparrow: Beyond Climate Denial on a Neoliberal Planet

Together somehow we will to try to untangle the complicated web of economic doctrines, politics and climate policy that we seem trapped in. Hopefully some lessons for averting planetary disaster:

In an election year, there seems less impetus for climate action than ever. Why has the Left, which has always regarded itself as having science on its side, been outflanked on climate policy? What does the bizarre success of denialism and the radical calls for planetary scale geo-engineering portend for the changing status of science in our society? Antoinette Abboud, Jeremy Walker and Robert Manne untangle the complex relationships between climate, politics and economic doctrines in a discussion with Overland editor Jeff Sparrow.

The session is on Friday 24th May at 2:30pm.

And here is the essay Beyond Denial: Neoliberalism, Climate Change & the Left that I co-authored with Jeremy and Phil Mirowski published in Overland.

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